Children & Youth Ministry

Leadership: the leadership shall comprise of 3 or 5 adults who have the call of God upon their lives to care for children.

Membership: For all children aged 0-11 years of age


  • They shall responsibly and prayerfully take care of the children
  • They shall teach the children to know, praise, worship, and trust God and to depend on Him
  • They shall commit themselves to the study of the Word of God and Prayer
  • They shall teach the children skillfully
  • They shall take care of the orientation programs that would be organized for them
  • They shall respect the rights of the children they teach
  • They shall protect the children under their care against any external aggression
  • They shall report the progress of the children to their respective parents
  • They shall recommend to the leadership of the church appropriate measures that need to be taken
  • They shall inform the leadership of whatever teaching and learning materials they might need
  • They shall not admit anyone among them as a teacher unless due approval has been given by the Pastor in charge/leadership
  • They shall report to the leadership the behaviors of the parents of the children but not fight back when provoked
  • They shall not involve the children in any research activity unless proper permission has been sought from the parents through the leadership
  • They shall conduct research on how to better teach the children
  • They shall partake in the training sessions that would be organized for them
  • They shall involve participatory and empowerment methods in caring for the children within their care