Men´s Movement

The Leadership:
The Leadership shall consist of three (3) or five (5) committed men, full of Holy Spirit who have good reports and are able to teach others also.

The membership is open to all men from 30 years and over.


  • This movement shall function in such a way to make Christ better known to the men
  • They shall organize outreach activities that would empower men to take leadership responsibilities in their homes and within the body of Christ
  • They shall teach the men to rely on the grace of God and to work hard towards fulfilling their missions in life
  • They shall organize programs that would bring people to Jesus Christ, our Lord
  • They shall prepare the young men in the Church for successful marriage
  • They shall teach the men to contribute meaningfully to the development of their families and communities
  • They shall encourage the men to stand against injustices in the Church and in the Communities
  • They shall teach the men to study the Bible and to pray daily
  • They shall help put the place of services in order for meetings
  • They shall administer to the needs of the men when the need arises