Prayer Ministry

This group shall be headed by an Elder/Deacon (nesses), or any other officer
Membership: Membership is open to all the members of the church.
The position of any officer in the church is subject to yearly review. However, s/he may continue to stay in office if approved by the church


  • Responsible for praying for the Church, the nations and the members of the church
  • They shall encourage the church to pray fervently
  • They shall be people with heavy lips (able to keep the request of the people) from spreading

Prayer Tower/Intercessors: This group shall be responsible for praying and interceding fervently for the Pastors, the church leaders, the church etc. They should have a call of God to stand in the gap and pray.
Membership: Membership is open to all people who desire to pray and stand in the gab for others.


  1. They shall be called to lead prayers during services as holy Spirits directs
  2. They should have genuine faith in God