Internal Auditors

The Presbytery shall appoint an internal Auditor who will audit the accounts of the church once in a year. The position of the internal auditor is not permanent but would be reviewed each year.

Financial Secretary

  • The Financial Secretary (one with the requisite knowledge in accounting) shall keep the accounts of the church to date
  • She/he shall periodically (quarterly) give an accounts of the financial standings of the church to the Presbytery
  • She/he shall be a signatory to the accounts of the church
  • She/he shall collect the offering and tithing and then transfer it to the treasurer for deposit


  • She /he shall collect all monies in the church and send them to the bank for deposit
  • She/he shall keep a copy of the book keepings as with the Financial Secretary
  • She/he shall be a signatory to the accounts of the Church
  • The Financial Secretary, Treasurer and another member approved by the Presbytery shall be responsible by counting the church´s offering after meetings

Church´s Income

  • Annual thanksgiving and fundraising (dates depend on the local assembly)
  • Tithing: The church members are encouraged to pay their tithe to the church
  • Offering: The church shall collect offertory during meetings