Hospitality and Ushering

Membership: Membership is open to members who are committed in the things of God and are ready to serve other people and make them feel welcomed.


  • They shall commit themselves to prayer and the study of God´s Word
  • They shall, during services, use those tags or badges or dresses that identify them as ushers
  • They shall respect their clients
  • They shall smile to their clients and not fight them
  • They shall continually study and research in the areas of human relations
  • They shall meet with their new clients after service and share fellowship with them
  • They shall attend training courses that would be organized for them
  • They shall not store the contact details of their clients for personal purposes
  • They shall help refresh the members after services
  • They should hand over the membership forms to the leadership after service
  • They shall escort members and guest to their seats
  • They shall help minimize distractions during services
  • They shall distribute materials related to the service to members
  • They shall not themselves distract the attention of others
  • They shall dress decently