Lacking for Lack of Vision


The Bible assures believers of their daily their needs but many believers do lack their basic needs. This lack extends beyond temporal to long term. In this Newsletter, some reason why Christians lack what they need and how they could overcome lack are discussed.

Defining Vision/Purpose

It has been recorded that “where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he” (Pro 29:18).  This scripture talks about the vision from God. When believers do not hear the prophetic word of God they perish. The same is true of all humans because if people do not have a revelation from God about themselves, they would lack and perish in their deplorable circumstances. Vision or purpose is something that one is passionate about. A person is careless and lazy because s/he is not passionate about anything. S/he controls nothing but is controlled by life´s events. What one does and does not do tells whether s/he is a person of vision or not.

Vision as something that is supernaturally presented to the human mind about oneself needs to be clearly defined and written down. Prophet Habakkuk was advised by God to write his vision down so that people could easily read it as they run (Hab 2:2). Vision or purpose must be pursued relentlessly with the wisdom of God. Information about the vision must be sought after because one is likely to perish with their vision if the required knowledge is not obtained. It is written that for lack of knowledge people perish (Hosea 4:6). Believers perish for lack of knowledge about God. Similarly, vision carriers are destroyed for lack of knowledge about their visions.

Vision carriers should continuously update themselves on their vision. Prayer and constant alignment with God, the giver of vision, should be a priority. In addition, one could do this by participating in relevant conferences and seminars, reading and self-tuition, taking up some tailor-made courses and through online studies. It is also important to have a trusted and seasoned mentors who could train you up to sharpen your vision. You may also seek professional consultants who could help you clarify your visions and how to pursue it with zeal and vigor.

Redefining Vision and Staying Motivated

Believers should have the willingness and commitment to continuously assess and evaluate their progress according to their visions. This could be done periodically and if the vision needs to be modified, it must be done. True vision is not to be abandoned entirely but reoriented to suit realities. When you get stuck with your vision, it does not mean that God has failed you. You might need to renegotiate and change direction as you remain focused.

In the midst of challenges and difficulties, you ought to be motivated by your purpose. Stay strong and keep going. Remind yourself constantly of your vision and that would give you the strength to sail through the challenging times. Money and fame or popularity are not to be your motivations, but they are by-products of achieved vision. David did not seek to be popular or famous, but he kept himself busy by his purpose. He risked his life to pursue this purpose. What made David risked his life running after lion and adder? (1Sam 17:32-37). He knew his purpose as a shepherd from his childhood (1Sam 16:10-13, Eze 34:23) and committed himself to doing it well.


Each person, irrespective of their physical conditions, is born to accomplish a purpose on earth. It takes the grace of God to identify this purpose. And when it is identified, it does not matter how small it might be, one can be successful if s/he commits to it.

Prayer: May God give you a revelation about your purpose in life and grants you the grace to pursue it to the fullest end. In Jesus´ name. Amen!

The Lord is Our Shepherd: We Lack Nothing We Need


Our previous Newsletter detailed the meaning of the term `shepherd` and how it relates to Jesus Christ, the Shepherd, and Bishop of our Souls (1Pet 2:25). In this Week´s edition, the question of why many believers lack what they need is presented.

Lacking Nothing

Believers´ confession that they lack nothing is based on the premise that God is the source of our needs and that because of His love for us, He would continually supply our basic needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Php 4:19). God mentions that silver and gold are His (Hag 2: 8). In simple terms, God being the Father of believers knows how to take care of His children. With this knowledge, David writes “The LORD is the one who is shepherding me; I lack nothing” (Psa 23: 1, ISV). The Lord God demands only our full obedience and action. Because of God believers do not lack love, security, peace, and joy, among others.

Why Believers Lack

In most cases, Christians have failed to clearly define themselves. Their self -identities are blurred to them so they do not know what they represent. They fail to recognize their distinct characteristics that make them unique persons. Strengthening one´s knowledge about himself/herself is a recipe for earning a daily living. People should be able to tell and show what and who they are so that they could be called upon for their refreshing and well-endowed gifts and abilities. To comprehend who you really are, you may ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I known for?
  • What do I represent?
  • What is/are my content (s) or deposit (s)?

David knew who he was when he told himself that he was physically strong and handsome (Psa 139:14, 1Sam 17:32-37). He knew how he could chase out lions and kill them. He knew that by virtue of his strength, he can defeat Goliath and he did it. Other people underestimated his ability but because he knew himself, he insisted on his capabilities and proved himself a mighty man of valor (1Sam 17:1-58). Knowing who you are and having a clear vision is a key to providing you with your needs because it would make you more productive.


The Lord God has promised His children His continual support and provision of daily needs but these do not automatically come from nowhere. We are supposed to play a part by believing in God absolutely and by discovering those abilities He has deposited in us, and making use of them for our advantage.

Prayer: Holy and Faithful Father, we thank you for always supplying us with our needs daily. We ask that you guide us to identify ourselves; our gifts and abilities so as to maximize them for your glory. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen!